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Big Giant Circles is the primary alias that video game music composer Jimmy Hinson has been credited by in his career.  He has been a hobbyist video game music arranger since 2004 and a professional video game music composer since 2009 when he was recruited by legendary composer Jack Wall to help score BioWare’s blockbuster sci-fi epic game Mass Effect 2 along with the rest of the Wall of Sound team (Sam Hulick and David Kates).  Jimmy was again subcontracted later by Wall to assist with the score to the massively popular Call of Duty franchise in Black Ops 2.  Aside from working under Wall, Jimmy has written music for a variety of other games like Borderlands 2, and the smash mobile hit Threes.  For a full list of his credits, please click here.

In addition to scoring video games, Jimmy has composed for a variety of other media, including television, film, and radio, and was most commonly heard on networks like HGTV, DIY, Fox Sports, and Animal Planet.

Jimmy also writes original music in a variety of genres but is most widely known for his juxtaposition of classic/retro chiptune music (classic 8 bit sounds as if from a Nintendo or Gameboy) and modern electronic music.  In 2011 he released Impostor Nostalgia and it was positively received.  In 2014 the official “sequel” to Impostor Nostalgia was released, titled The Glory Days.  The album followed a kickstarter campaign that completed in October 2013 having raised nearly $63,000 of the original $5,000 goal, and at the time finishing as the 66th most successful music kickstarter campaign of all time.

Because Jimmy works almost exclusively with FL Studio as his audio production software of choice, he was officially appointed a Power User by it’s creators, Image-Line software along with artists like BT, Deadmau5, Basshunter, Avicii, Ronald Jenkees, and more.

When not writing music, Jimmy enjoys traveling, playing frisbee golf, enjoying good food, playing games (video and board/table-top/rpg) playing (see: being tormented by) his two cats, and continuing his preparations for the inevitable zombie/vampire/pirate/ninja apocalypse.

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Hey Jimmy, why are you called ”Big Giant Circles”?

A lot of people ask me where the name Big Giant Circles comes from and what it means. Well, it actually comes from a story when I was once walking with a friend a long time ago after it had just snowed a couple inches. We were crossing a parking lot where someone had been spinning donuts on the snow and one of us (I don’t really remember which) said “Man, those are some big giant circles” to which the other replied “That sounds like it should be the name of a band or something“. Some time later, when submitting my first rearrangement to OverClocked ReMix, that story popped into my head. I figured it was fitting enough, circles suggest many cool things like continuity, recurrence, revolution, perfection, love, eternity, and progress, and music can do the same so I ran with it. Also, I am not a square. (ha!) :)

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