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Q: BGC, can I use your music on my Youtube, Twitch, or Mixer channels?   A: Yes! As long as you agree to the following terms: You must directly purchase the music legally (bandcamp is preferred).  (Note, using my freely-available remixes is fine too). Please note: streaming via services like Spotify/Apple Music/etc does not count […] More »


Announcing the highly anticipated sequel to my original Chiptune/Electronic/Video Game Music album Impostor Nostalgia – “The Glory Days”! The album was Kickstarted from Sep 23 – October 23.  It reached its initial funding of $5000 within 20 minutes of launch, thus ensuring a physical CD release of the album as it currently is (20 tracks, […] More »

  Several months ago before E3 2012, Jack Wall called me up and asked if I could help him score some music for his project Black Ops 2, which had fallen under a tight deadline to get a build completed with music prior to E3. So fast forward to now, and I’m happy to announce […] More »


by ◊ 8 years ago


Back in 2009/2010 when I was working with Wall of Sound on BioWare’s epic Sci-Fi action/RPG Mass Effect 2, there were a number of tracks that came about to various degrees of completion.  Since Jack Wall was the lead composer, everything went by him first and then he’d provide feedback and then if it passed […] More »


by ◊ 8 years ago


Happy 2012!  Been a while since I’ve shared any news with you, and I’m sorry for the hiatus, but hopefully you’ve already seen via Twitter or Facebook that I’ve put out two new albums, Contingency and Big Giant Christmas EP on bandcamp since Impostor Nostalgia.  But moving on, I’m proud to announce that I’ve been […] More »


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