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Impostor Nostalgia

by ◊ 8 years ago


Impostor Nostalgia, available now! Impostor Nostalgia is available on: To listen/purchase, click any of the images above! Physical CDs can currently be purchased from bandcamp. Hear some of the tracks below: Press:   Featuring: -20 retro-inspired, chiptune-flavored tracks -Over 75 minutes of playtime -It’s only $3.99 (on Bandcamp) -Features 11 amazing video game musician guest appearances:  Souleye (VVVVVV, Extreme Road Trip) […] More »


Hi everyone, it’s time to talk just a little bit about my latest project I’ve been working on for the past couple months.  Mass Effect 2 was truly an amazing project, and it was really a blast to be able to score such epic, orchestral/sci-fi music for such an amazing game.  But at the same […] More »


Some very cool news, our score for Mass Effect 2 received a BAFTA Nomination for Best Original Score!  For a full list of the video game nominees and winners, click here. More »

Heroes vs Villains

by ◊ 8 years ago


This post is actually a little late, but I was recently involved in the free fan-produced video game music arrangement album, Heroes vs. Villains!  Challenged by the legendary video game music arranger and Bad Dude Mazedude, I took on the theme of s3xy Super Metroid heroine Samus Aran on the OCR side.  There’s tons of […] More »

Spectrasonics News Feature

by ◊ 9 years ago


Virtual Instrument virtuoso Spectrasonics has done a Pro News feature about Wall of Sound’s use of their products in the score of Mass Effect 2.  What an honor! Click the image to check it out! More »


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