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Mass Effect 2: Combat

by ◊ 9 years ago


I actually missed the release of this, but I’m especially proud of this final bonus soundtrack of previously unreleased music from the game.  Why?  Because on this particular album, I worked on 9 of the 14, including personal favorites like “Infiltration” and “The Long Walk”.   So that’s now an extra 14 tracks, clocking it at […] More »

Mass Effect 2: Atmospheric

by ◊ 9 years ago


Today EA released this expansion to the OST, now including 9 tracks at nearly 25 minutes of additional music from the game, all for only $4 US!  As the title suggests, these tracks are more atmospheric in nature, including cues from loading screenes, menus, conversations, explorations, etc.  This release coincides with their DLC Layer of […] More »


Hey everyone, I’m super excited to say that our Mass Effect 2 soundtrack has been nominated for the Soundtrack of the Year category for the Golden Joystick Awards!  It’s survived round 1 from the long list and is now in the final shortlist voting stage. It’s up against some tough competition, and truly I would […] More »

Awesome Fan Art

by ◊ 9 years ago


“Samara the Mystic Asari Justicar” by Axl99 So through the wonder of modern social networking, I’ve had the recent pleasure of becoming acquainted with a super talented artist by the name of Jessie “AXL99″ Lam. More »

Zircon Trax

by ◊ 9 years ago


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