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“Samara the Mystic Asari Justicar” by Axl99

So through the wonder of modern social networking, I’ve had the recent pleasure of becoming acquainted with a super talented artist by the name of Jessie “AXL99″ Lam. Jessie’s a fan of Mass Effect 2, and has done some rather fine work based on the series. She contacted me recently and asked who my favorite character was. It’s hard to say, because I really love them all, but I suppose since Samara was the first character theme I wrote for the game, I tend to be a little partial to her. Shortly after, Ms. Lam produced the  previous image, which you can click on for the full image as well as many other awesome works of hers.

From someone who had fairly top-secret access to concept art and other various non-public files during the development of Mass Effect 2, I can honestly say that I’m blown away by Jessie’s ability.  Her work is right up there with all the official art I’ve seen.  BioWare, if you’re paying attention, please keep Jessie on your radar, I think she’d be an asset to your team!

For more info on AXL99′s work, please visit her sites: * *

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