Music by Jimmy Hinson


2014 Game Music Online Awards Best Album – Chiptune The Glory Days won
2014 Shorty Awards Kickstarter of the Year The Glory Days nominated
2014 Canadian Video Game Awards Best Original Music Pocket Mine nominated
2013 Canadian Video Game Awards Best Original Music Extreme Road Trip 2 nominated
2012 Spike VGAs Best Original Score Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 nominated
2012 BioWare Best of the Citadel Awards Best Overall Mass Effect trilogy nominated
2012 SquareEnixMusic Awards Outstanding Acheivement (Independent Composer) Puzzlejuice / Extreme Road Trip 2 nominated
2011 Canadian Video Game Awards Best Audio Mass Effect 2 nominated
2011 BAFTA Video Game Awards Best Original Music Mass Effect 2 nominated
2011 G.A.N.G. Awards Best Soundtrack Album Mass Effect 2 nominated
2010 Spike TV Video Game Awards Best Original Score Mass Effect 2 nominated
2010 Game Focus Awards Best Musical Score Mass Effect 2 won
2010 Golden Joystick Awards Soundtrack of the Year Mass Effect 2 nominated
2010 SquareEnixMusic Awards Best Album – Chiptune Impostor Nostalgia nominated



Team XBox – (page 2) Audio – 10.0 “the most distinctive science fiction genre score of any medium in recent years.”

Gamespy – (page 2) “strong sense of atmosphere throughout, the distinct synth-heavy sounds in combat and the soothing background themes

Game Daily - “Mass Effect 2 has an outstanding soundtrack that’s a great mix of thunderous orchestral tracks and stuff that seems ripped from 80s sci-fi flicks

IGN - Audio – 10 “outstanding voice acting and music”

Gamer Node“The best soundtrack in the business is right here.”

Gamer Limit - Sound – 9.5 “score is excellent

Gamespot“The fantastic musical score and sound effects do more than their share to enhance the production”

Game Informer“The score also flows beautifully in both the story and action sequences”

Game Revolution - “+ Well-constructed soundtrack”

Video Gamer - (page 4) Sound – 10. Stunning audio

Action Trip“thumbs up for the music and sound effects” Sound – 10

Cheat Code Central – (page 2) “the musical score is tremendous, nicely capturing not just the overall feel of the title perfectly but individual moments, as well.”

Game Trailers (video review) – (at 8:55) “It’s a straight-up space-opera soundtrack”

Game Zone“Head and toe above the rest of the genre, Mass Effect 2 proves to be nirvana to the ears.”

“It is the definition of audio and music sweetness…!”
-Greg Zeschuk, VP, Bioware Corp.


IGN - “The music in this game is sweet and a great tribute to the original soundtrack.”“Big Giant Circles put together a really kicking take on Guile’s theme”-djpretzel, founder,

Icronic“The new music for the game is INCREDIBLE!”


the work that Jimmy did on “Club Showdown” blew my mind. [He has] some serious talent”
- Alexander Brandon (Unreal Tournament, Deus Ex)

“Jimmy is a real find. He’s got a very song-centered musical vocabulary that I really enjoy listening to.”
- Jack Wall (Mass Effect, Jade Empire)

“Jimmy taught me everything I know. It was a pleasure working with him on the Star Wars films”
- John Williams (ok, so I made this one up…) :)

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