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Impostor Nostalgia

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Impostor Nostalgia, available now!

Impostor Nostalgia is available on:

To listen/purchase, click any of the images above!

Physical CDs can currently be purchased from bandcamp.

Hear some of the tracks below:


Original Sound Version - “We’ve given the album a listen, and immediately fell in love…”

ThaSauce - “album of epic proportions… worth every penny!”

Game Music 4 All - “This album has been long in the making, and it certainly shows in the quality of the work.”

WingDamage - “Seriously. It’s really good.”

NerdAppropriate - “Did we mention the album is pretty damn incredible? … You will not be disappointed.”



-20 retro-inspired, chiptune-flavored tracks
-Over 75 minutes of playtime
-It’s only $3.99 (on Bandcamp)
-Features 11 amazing video game musician guest appearances:

  •  Souleye (VVVVVV, Extreme Road Trip)
  • C418 (Minecraft)
  • Surasshu (Tree of Knowledge)
  • Josh Whelchel (The Spirit Engine 2, Scrolls)
  • zircon (Return All Robots)
  • Disasterpeace (FEZ) (Cat Astro Phi)
  • flashygoodness (Tower of Heaven)
  • Pongball (Bloom Defender)
  • Chris Geehan of Hyperduck (Dust: An Elysian Tail)
  • Mick Gordon (Need for Speed)
  • Alex Brandon (Deus Ex, Unreal Tournament)
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