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Happy 2012!  Been a while since I’ve shared any news with you, and I’m sorry for the hiatus, but hopefully you’ve already seen via Twitter or Facebook that I’ve put out two new albums, Contingency and Big Giant Christmas EP on bandcamp since Impostor Nostalgia.  But moving on, I’m proud to announce that I’ve been working on some music for the upcoming (at the time of my writing this) iOS casual game Puzzlejuice, by Asher Vollmer!  In all honesty, I haven’t been this excited for a project I’ve worked on probably since Mass Effect 2.  While they’re totally different games on totally different platforms intended for totally different players (most likely), I can say that this game is the cream of the crop of casual games.  Here’s a couple screenshots:


It’s basically a mix of Tetris, Boggle, and maybe Bejeweled is probably the best way I can describe it.  But it so well combines those elements, the experience is truly as enjoyable as a casual game is meant to be!  Greg Wohlwend aka aeiowu, the talent behind the art said very well

the idea behind Puzzlejuice is to give you three things to think about, which ends up being one too many

and rightly so.  I spent hours and hours of my life playing Popcap’s Bookworm back in the day, and this is like that with the urgency of Tetris driving the game and setting the pace VERY nicely, to ensure that I don’t lose track of an entire day playing the game (as I’ve been known to do often).  The music is will be available on bandcamp the day the game is released, on Thursday, January 19th 2012.

Asher is a super great/talented guy who’s put together a truly fantastic and well-polished game, and hopefully you’ll dig the music as well.  While it may not be as melodically-driven as some of my other work, it was still a ton of fun to write.  Thanks for reading, listening, and continuing to support my work!


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