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Licensing for Twitch, Youtube, or other Streaming Platforms

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Q: BGC, can I use your music on my Youtube, Twitch, or Mixer channels?  

A: Yes! As long as you agree to the following terms:

  • You must directly purchase the music legally (bandcamp is preferred).  (Note, using my freely-available remixes is fine too).
    • Please note: streaming via services like Spotify/Apple Music/etc does not count as purchasing, even if you are using the premium version of these services.
  • You must credit me by name (Big Giant Circles) and place links in your channel description (Twitch) or video description (Youtube) to my bandcamp page.
  • You cannot stream or upload my music without adding your own creative content (don’t just upload my music to your channel without adding anything to it).
  • You cannot claim my music as your own.
  • You cannot use my music for any purpose outside of Twitch/Mixer/Youtube without my prior written consent.*
  • You cannot sell my music or upload it to your site for the sole purpose of monetizing it
  • You cannot re-upload any minor edits that suit your personal preferences (including but not limited to extended plays/looped edits, bass boosts, dual mixes, tempo adjustments etc etc etc).

Q: What about using your music on my podcast?  

A: Sure! Same terms apply.

*This license DOES NOT give you permission to use my music for any purpose outside of Twitch, Beam, or Youtube without obtaining a commercial license or written consent first. This includes but is not limited to video games, film, radio, television, etc.  If you wish to obtain a commercial license, please contact me at the appropriate email.

Note: I reserve the right to revoke this license from any user if I find my music accompanying content that is offensive or objectionable (though this hasn’t happened yet), or if any of the terms above are actively violated.  Deliberate infringement, intentional disregard of these terms, and especially fraudulently attempting to profit off of my work may result in consequences up to and including DMCA strikes and/or legal action. In simple terms, don’t try to be sneaky and don’t be a jerk. The world needs more people supporting each other!

That’s it!  I’d also love to know when you use my work, so please feel free to drop me a line and let me know, maybe I can stop by and say hi sometime!

Thank you for your support!



I am Jimmy Hinson (artist name: Big Giant Circles), and I own all rights to all songs & sound recordings included on Unless I have explicitly stated otherwise in writing (i.e. via email, youtube message, etc), YouTube content creators and Twitch streamers are authorized to use music from this collection in their videos and are not subject to any content ID programs (Audible Magic, INDmusic, Rumblefish, etc). For clarity, I do not participate in any content ID programs and thus anyone claiming control of this music is in error, and not representing me.


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