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The Glory Days – album Kickstarter

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Announcing the highly anticipated sequel to my original Chiptune/Electronic/Video Game Music album Impostor Nostalgia – “The Glory Days”!

The album was Kickstarted from Sep 23 – October 23.  It reached its initial funding of $5000 within 20 minutes of launch, thus ensuring a physical CD release of the album as it currently is (20 tracks, no guest artists).  Because of the amazingly fast success, I created some additional stretch goals such as an extended the album with extra guest artists, and other various SWAG and features.  Every single goal was met, and the project was 1255% funded with over $62/5k raised!  I’m honored and flattered by the amazing support from my dear friends and fans.  You can still see the project by clicking below.

Watch the video and view the project here:

BGC TGD cover red

Also, here’s some cool artwork for you to look at from the project, designed by Ian Wilding.


The kickstarter has ended and therefore all kickstarter rewards are no longer being offered, but if you would still like to donate to support this project please click the button!

Thank you as always for your support of indie music!

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