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For all the game developers that have found their way here, WALL of SOUND inc ( is a full-service music company providing the highest quality musical experiences for the video game industry. Led by industry legend Jack Wall, the company is a creative collective of individuals working together to produce, mix, master and implement music on any and all gaming platforms.  (Click READ MORE to continue)

Wall of Sound is the team responsible for the music in Mass Effect 2 among other games.  The team currently consists of Jack Wall, David Kates, Sam Hulick, Brian DiDomenico, myself, and Cindy Shapiro.  There’s a lot of solid industry experience spread across a wide field of knowledge.  From scoring, producing, remixing, mastering, orchestrating, editing, and implementing music in video games, all the bases are covered.  It’s a one-stop package for all that a developer needs to ensure that only the highest quality music not only makes it into their game, but works the way that it should.  Stop by our site, learn about our team, learn what we can offer you, and contact us about your project needs!

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